Jenny - Holistic Naturopath & Intuitive Guide

A wellness intuitive, with over a decade of combined study and practice, helping people blend natural modalities for finding internal alignment between physical, social, energetic & spiritual systems.  

Energetic Alignment
Flower Essence Blending  

Holistic Wellness

Intuitive Readings

Movement & Meditation

Space ...

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Guide Basics

In the routine of daily overload, one can often forget to look to the elements around them, and within, to help find peace, balance, and wellness. At The Jenny Guides, our range of complementary therapies are designed to work alongside traditional protocols to help you feel better in every way. With remote ...

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The Journey

Jenny has spent the last decade and more on a healing journey where she discovered that adding in holistic support and celebrating new starts are elements that contribute to an ideally balanced and healthy life. 


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